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Apr 14, 2017

Walking in a winter wonderland…or at least that’s what Autumn and Garrett were hoping for!! Autumn had her heart set on being surrounded by snowflakes for her February wedding. But mother nature had other plans! The couple was blessed with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures in the 70s. It was the kind of weather all my summer brides are praying for!

But the real reason this day was so special was Autumn and Garrett. They met when they were living in North Carolina. Their bond and love for each other grew even stronger while they lived apart when they transitioned back to Maryland. Living apart from your loved one can be SO tough but these two understood the challenges and knew their love could endure anything. It was obvious how much Garrett adores Autumn as he smiled while saying his vows to her. My heart was melting!! This man is so incredibly in love with Autumn that I couldn’t handle it! All day long I was feeling like that cute little heart eye emoji.

Autumn was a bride that genuinely enjoyed planning her wedding and you could totally see that through every detail. She even made her own 3 tiered wedding cake and it was DELICIOUS! There was a soup bar with Maryland crab and lasagna soup. YUM. They even had custom soup mugs which was also their wedding favor! As a soup lover, I personally thought their soup mug favors were awesome and I had a hard time deciding on what soup I was going to have! And for whatever reason, eating soup out of a mug is WAY better than a bowl! It tastes better! Or is that just me?  

I LOVE when brides incorporate family heirlooms into their bridal look. Autumn wore her mother’s wedding dress and veil. And she looked stunning in her dress!! It fit her like a glove. They didn’t even need to do any alterations! It was perfectly reserved for all of these years and I know her mother was totally honored to have been able to pass her gown down to her oldest daughter. She also wore a cross necklace that had been passed down from previous generations and was engraved with family initials. In addition to her necklace, Autumn also wore a charm bracelet in memory of her sweet dog. All the FEELS!! 

I actually graduated high school with Autumn back in… well… let’s just say a few years ago! It was really fun seeing her get married and be reunited with some old friends, even my maid of honor. Garrett and Autumn thank you for letting me part of your wedding day! I know you both will live happily ever after 🙂 



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