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Apr 12, 2017

Running your own creative business is TOTALLY worth it. But I would be lying if I told you it was easy. There are so many details to focus on from a business and creative perspective! Whenever I’m struggling with a particular task, I sit back and think, “There HAS to be an easier way to (fill in blank)”. After some searching and brainstorming (and phone-ing a friend!), I usually find out that there is a way to make my life a tad easier. So today I’m telling you about some tools that have made some details of my business become effortless. FULL DISCLOSURE-I’m in NO way computer or technology savvy, but I definitely try my best 😉 

1.)   BlogStomp is a program that helps me pair photos for my blog posts. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if you’re a blogger, you’ll appreciate this tool for sure! It can be tricky choosing the layout of your photos on your blog. Once you’ve chosen your photos (trust me, this part can be tough too!) drop them into BlogStomp. With a few clicks and minutes later, you’ll have the ideal layout for your blog photos! 

2.) Fundy  allows me to design albums for my clients. Sometimes album designing can be super time consuming. Fundy helps me design albums so much faster! Once the final images have been chosen I import them into this program, choose the printing company and album size, and get to designing! It previews super quickly, which I love, and is so user friendly!

3.) Squarespace will assist you with making a 100% professional and sleek website. And believe me, having a polished website will make a HUGE difference in your business. Your website is the face of your business in the 21st century! We know from last week’s post about outsourcing that I’ve had my site designed but there are times when I need to come in and make a few little changes. Thankfully, between the ease of Sqaurespace’s back end and their search bar, I can change anything I need to super quick!

4.) Facebook Scheduling is a life saver! If you’re in the process of starting your own business, don’t underestimate the power of social media. I post on Facebook daily so when I found out that I can pre-schedule these posts for days that I’m busy, I was ecstatic! 

5.) HoneyBook is pretty much the backbone of my business. HoneyBook is an amazing website that helps me manage my clients, send proposals, and create invoices. HoneyBook was made with creative entrepreneurs in mind. It’s the first and only client management tool that I use and I can’t imagine me going anywhere else. They’ve got a Facebook group to ask quick questions, their concierge is quick to help in any way, and they’re always adding new features at the request of their clients!

I hope these tools will help YOU succeed with your business! Even if you aren’t a wedding photographer, I’m almost one of these tools will change your business for the better. Are there any tools you use that you use and I need to know about!? I’m always open for any advice or suggestions 🙂 Comment below and tell me! 



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