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Apr 7, 2017

Let’s file this under something I never imaged I would be writing about! Outsourcing! For a long time I firmly believed that I, in fact, can do. it. all. #Allthethings #Allthetime Who’s with me? Do you know what that lead to? Late nights, early mornings, sky high stress levels, anxiety attacks, a sore neck from sitting at the computer, working constantly from my phone, probably a few tears mixed in, frustration… need I go on? I doubt it, you get the picture! I felt like I was being pulled in 342 different directions. I wanted to be fully involved in every aspect of my business all that time. I think a lot of creative business owners and entrepreneurs in general feel that way. My business is my baby! I dreamed it, nurtured it, and grew it! How dare I trust someone else with such a huge part of my life?! How? Here’s how!  Take into consideration that there are people who do things better (and oftentimes faster!) than you do!

The first thing I ever outsourced was my graphic design and web design. I started working with Britt at Home Sweet Hyatt nearly two years ago and I am forever grateful for her! She swooped in and took over when I was clueless! Ask me anything about web design and you may as well be speaking French! Britt has been such a blessing! She lives in Ohio so I never have been able to meet her and it was only just a few months ago that I actually heard her voice because it was the first time we ever spoke on the phone! I’ve consulted Britt for overall design, smaller website tweaks, and SEO help. She’s a wiz!

Taxes! Again, having someone that can do something better and faster than you is vital! I am confident that I could do my taxes on my own, and for a very long time I did! Things get more complicated when you mix in a business, a marriage, a child, 1099s, business deductions, investment portfolios, etc! Let the pros hand it! I’d rather spend 90 minutes with my accountant than doing something that would leave me endlessly frustrated and hoping I’m not at the top of the list for an audit from the IRS.

Bookkeeping! I met my wonderful bookkeeper at my previous job. Actually, I met her when I was maybe 19? My mom hired Rachelle for her business and never looked back! We all love her! She’s a part of the family now! When I realized that maybe I could used some help in that department, I never considered anyone else. I’ve worked with her previously and already trusted her. And you’ve got to trust the person that you’re letting help with finances! I also brought her on because she just bought a house and has two sweet boys. Why does that matte? Because I knew that even though she is a total blessing to me and my business, having another client (and a fairly low-maintenance one at that) would be a blessing to her in this season of life! Remember that when you hire (or shop from) a small business that you’re helping pay for dance lessons, trips to the snowball stand, and family vacations! You’re supporting a family!

Maybe in the future I will outsource more things, who knows! For now I’m proud of myself for letting these things go! I do know that they are the hand of professionals that know more about these fields than I do.

How does that effect my days? I have more time for my clients! More time for my family! More time for my friends! I was able to help my friend move at the last minute instead of stressing over getting my taxes together. I was able to watch a movie with my family instead of trying to make huge changes to my website and hoping it all worked out (and then frantically emailing my web designer to see if she could fix whatever I just messed up! Not that that’s happened or anything…)

Less work, more life. Who’s with me?


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