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Apr 3, 2017

Oh friends, the time has come! Since today is 4 months since Chris and I got married, I figured it was a perfect excuse to share some of our wedding photos! I have shared a few here and there but today’s the day! I tried not to pick too many… but you can be the judge of that! 😉

We were incredibly blessed to have Amy and Jordan as our photographers! About 10 minutes after Chris proposed back in September 2015 I asked if we could have Amy and Jordan! He already knew there was no negotiating around that! 😉 As soon as we told our close family and friends I send Jordan and email and asked when we could get married! It turned out that December was great for them and for us and that was that! We sent the Arizon-ians some finger-less gloves (pro-tip: they keep your hands warm but you can still work your camera) and hoped for no snow.

Our wedding day was the best day! But I’m sure most brides say that. It flew by! I KNOW all brides say that! I really wanted to have a black tie wedding and Chris wasn’t totally sold on the idea. He suggested that we have a James Bond theme and I immediately thought about how often James Bond wears a tuxedo, so I quickly agreed. We kept the color scheme as black, white, and silver. I wanted lots of greenery in the florals and sparkle and shine throughout. We planned an elegant affair with our guests dressed to the nines and sipping martinis! Shaken, not stirred, naturally 😉 We also hired a casino dealer and a craps table to keep with the gentle nod to James Bond and the guests loved it! Or was it the kids…

Our bridal party wore classic black tuxedos and gowns with silver beading from Adrianna Papell that I was totally obsessed with! Chris wore a navy blue tuxedo with black lapels that fit him perfectly! He looked so dapper! I stepped out of the box a bit with my bridal look! Originally I was on the hunt for an all black wedding gown, but that was a little hard to come by! Bridgett, the owner of K&B Bridals totally supported me! (Let’s just say that some other bridal salons looked at me like I had 6 heads…) It wasn’t until I saw a gown on the mannequin that I started to have a clear vision of what I would wear for my wedding day. I completely fell in love with the Stevie skirt from Martina Liana! I knew that I could incorporate the black that I was wanting in the top. I wore a black swarovski crystal belt from Faye Daniel Designs. They also made custom earrings and a bracelet for me to complete my look. My son, Brody, was really excited about his tuxedo and since he had such a special job walking me down the aisle, we knew his ensemble should be a little different. He wore a black tuxedo, a navy vest to match his dad, and was the only on that got a boutonniere. I must say, we were a good looking group that day! I bet you’d never know that all of the girls in the bridal party, myself included, were firefighters! On Chris’ side we had two Marines and two chefs! 

Chris and I were really excited to share a first look. I couldn’t wait for him to see what I was wearing that day and I just didn’t want to be apart from him longer than necessary! I wanted to spend as much of the day with him as possible! I also shared a first look with Brody <3 Oh. My. Heart! He spent that morning getting ready with the guys and we had my hair and makeup artist go fix his and Chris’ hair. Brody was so ready to see his mama! And let me tell you what, that little boy came tearing around the corner and I got the biggest hug! We also shared a mother-son dance at the reception. Brody was just as excited about the wedding as we were so we wanted to include him in as much as we could! He came to menu tastings, helped pick out tuxedos, and he was totally in charge of the wedding cake!

Amy and Jordan, thank you so much for being a part of our lives! You’ve been there for me and my business, celebrated our engagement, and made sure you were a part of our wedding photos! 😉 We will cherish these images for generations! Love you guys!


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