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Mar 22, 2017

Couples that DIY together, stay together, right?! I learned this little piece of wisdom from Jerrett & McKinsey’s wedding day. They went above and beyond to bring their wedding vision to life. Jarrett & McKinsey’s wedding was FULL of amazing little details. From vintage handkerchiefs for wiping away your happy tears, to centerpieces decorated with antique books. Every element of their wedding had a sweet and slightly rustic theme. Being nestled on the countryside with rolling green hills made the perfect backdrop for their big day. Not to mention, they were super lucky to have such beautiful summer weather for their special day. Fun fact- Glen Ellen Farm is one of my FAVORITE wedding venues! The house is gorgeous for getting ready, the gardens are immaculate, and their ceremony site has a beach and a pond backdrop! I’d move in if they let me!

So lets rewind to the secret to a happy relationship: being crafty together. I love that Jerrett & McKinsey worked TOGETHER to prepare all the details for their wedding day. Love was literally flowing from all the elements of their wedding. The 3 sweetest details at their wedding were…

1.)   The Color Scheme. The bridesmaid’s dresses were the most awesome shade of turquoise, which paired SO well with the colorful bouquets.

2.)   The Chalkboard Signs. Everyone loves chalkboards, and it’s such an effective way to send messages to your guests or label your dessert table. Jarrett & McKinsey had a little sign reminding their guests to be “unplugged” for their ceremony, an idea that I love!

3.)   The Guest Book. Wedding guests “signed” their guest book with a Polaroid photo of themselves! How cute?! Check out me and Kira’s photo below 😉

I worked with Kira Nicole Photography and we had a BLAST shooting together. The wedding itself was gorgeous, but I also had the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and try something new… I got to eat kangaroo and alligator jerky! The groomsmen were sipping whiskey and devouring jerky while they were getting ready. Super manly, right?! They offered to let me try and I was a little hesitant, but when would this opportunity present itself again? If you’re wondering how it tasted, let me just say that it’s not on my grocery list every week. BUT I will say I’m happy I tried it and now I have a fun memory. If you scroll down, you’ll see the best photobomb there ever was! I loved all of the different deserts they offered and how they were all displayed! It must have been so much fun getting to go antiquing for this wedding!

Jerrett & McKinsey, keep on crafting and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!! Thank you for letting me part of your special day! Your friends and family were so welcoming and I felt like a part of the crew in no time!


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