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Jan 16, 2017

Guess who’s back? Back again. Shady’s back. Tell a friend.

Oh, sorry. My knowledge of early Eminem lyrics is quite excellent and comes out at weird times! HA! I wish I had a great excuse for my absence here on the blog, but it’s as simple as LIFE. Fall was absolutely crazy- a ton of weddings, engagements, families, and oh yeah- I got married, too! Planning a wedding during the craziest wedding season I’ve had was insane! Mix all of that in with a new baby in the family (my squishy little niece!), being a mom, and starting renovations on our unfinished basement… and, well, hopefully you’ll forgive me! But all of that is changing! I’ve made a promise to myself (and my accountability partner) that you’ll be hearing from me at least twice a week. So, in the true spirit of my Monday Mix-Up, here’s what happened in my life last week!

The weather! What is up, Maryland? 66 degrees one day, snow and freezing rain the next. Windows open one afternoon, sliding across the deck when walking #GeneralTravisMagoats the next.

Santa brought us a record player! We’ve got quite the collection started already! Adele, Taylor Swift, Purple Rain, The Wall, and all sorts of things in between. We both grew up listening to records, but funnily enough, the cashiers at the stores where we’ve been purchasing them haven’t ever heard a record! The pops and cracks; these cashiers don’t know what they’re missing! It’s been really nice turning off the TV in the evenings and reading while the music plays.

And speaking of reading, Santa also brought me all the books on my wishlist- and more! I’ve already finished The Magnolia Story! It was fantastic! Now I am working on Better than New by Nicole Curtis (If you like Chip and Joanna, check out Nicole! Her show is Rehab Addict!) and Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley. The second book is for our book club in The Contentment Challenge. I am definitely enjoy it and I am gaining some perspective on life and motherhood. I also have the new books by Lauren Graham, Amy Schumer, and Anna Kendrick. Chris is currently working on the Dave Ramsey book, part of our generous wedding gift from our wonderful photographers, Amy and Jordan!

Sunday night we had date night! Which we are totally famous for NOT doing. Again, LIFE. It really seems to get in the way of everything when we let it, right? We had a gift certificate from Christmas 2015 to Fogo De Chao that we still hadn’t used! For shame! It even came with a night of babysitting, so why hadn’t we used it before! Dinner was delicious and it was nice to get dressed up for once!

I’m excited to get my rear into gear here on the blog! I always talk about how much I love reading them and this year I am making this blog a priority. Promise!


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