Monday Mix-Up | Second Edition | Baltimore Photographer

Aug 8, 2016

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Monday Mix-up! If you missed it, you can catch up right here! Last week was crazy for me!

– As you know, the Sheridan Takeover was in full effect. Tuesday was spent around Lancaster, PA exploring pretzel factories, eating ice cream, learning about commercial milking operations, and petting calves (which was my favorite part!).

– Speaking of calves… We visited an Amish farm that gave tours of their milking operations. They had some calves in a smaller pen for the children to see up close, and boy, were those babies the sweetest! There were a few people gathered around this one pen that had the smallest baby in it and he had gotten himself a little tangled in the gate! Another guest ran off to find one of the farmers for help, but I knew I could get him un-stuck! I guess growing up around cattle has it benefits! Several years ago, when I had a little heard of my own (shout out to Lucy and Tink, my two best girls!!) I got so comfortable around these big animals. I promise, they’re just like big puppy dogs! Except when they toss you over a fence… that really hurts.

– And speaking of puppy dogs… I got to see Lindsay and Lance this week for their engagement session. They wanted to shoot in Fells Point and we had amazing weather for it! They brought their sweet boy, Rico, and I fell in love with him! Rico was definitely camera shy and anytime I pulled my camera out, no matter how far away I was, he tucked his tail between his legs and hid behind Lance! They brought pepperonis for treats and even when I sat my camera on the ground with a pepperoni on top, he still wouldn’t go anywhere near it!

– And speaking of pepperonis… I ate pizza three times last week. Terrible, I know. I will get back in the gym this week! I have a wedding to get in shape for!

– And speaking of weddings… Shawn and Marisa got married on Saturday! Their wedding day was basically a photographer’s dream. The ceremony space was in open shade! The bridal suite was clean with white walls and so much natural light! Marisa handed me a box of all of her details as soon as I walked in! The family was super prepped for portraits! The timeline looked like it was going to be a little tight and we were dodging rain clouds, but because of Marisa’s preparedness, it all went off without a hitch!

See you next Monday!


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