Maryland Wedding Photographer | Glen Ellen Farm | Nick and Amanda Married

Aug 3, 2016

A few weeks ago, I shared Nick and Amanda’s engagement session! Today’s weather reminded me of the beautiful weather we were blessed with on their wedding day!

Nick and Amanda were originally supposed to get married at Shade Trees and Evergreens but due to an unexpected turn of events with the venue that lead them to have to cancel all of the weddings they had booked, Nick and Amanda had about 24 hours to completely move their wedding! I remember I was shooting another wedding the night before and at about 9pm I took a second to grab some water and check my phone. I saw a very short email from Amanda letting me know that the venue had changed to Glen Ellen Farm, but other than that, the day was going to go on as originally planned. It wasn’t until I was looking at my phone when I got home late that night that I learned that Shade Trees and Evergreens had been shut down! I couldn’t imagine the stress that they must have been going through having to move their wedding at the last possible moment! Looking back, even though I had no idea at the time what was going on, I’m so glad that I simply responded back to that email with a simple, cheerful email telling her I would definitely be there.

Fast forward to the next morning and I knew great things were going to happen! I had heard a lot of buzz about how gorgeous Glen Ellen Farm was and I was so fortunate to be able to shoot there! I arrived early to get the lay of the land and when I walked in the house I was greeted by Amanda’s mom at the kitchen table. She gave me the low down and then I was introduced to Debbie, the owner. Debbie was great to work with! She welcomed this wedding at the very last minute with open arms and everyone was so appreciative. 

The rest of the day went along as planned. The bridesmaids looked awesome in the sweet pink dresses Amanda had chosen and the guys looked perfect in their khaki suits. Amanda was glowing (and then some!) in her long sleeve lace gown that showed off their growing family! She had simple, classic details for her bridal look. She wore her hair long and curled with a simple veil. Rose gold earrings dangled from her ears and the nude stilettos she chose were perfect. But my favorite accessory was this girl’s smile! Gosh, it’s just so contagious! She really lights up a room.

Their friends and family cheered as the high school sweethearts and parents of two, with one more on the way, tied the knot on the most perfect Saturday in May. Nick and Amanda shared a special dance with their children, friends gave heartfelt toasts, and they all danced the night away.

Since their wedding, Nick, Amanda, Kennedy, and Landon have welcomed sweet baby Ashton in to the world. They’re adjusting to life as a family of five and I am so thrilled for them!


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