Bevin | Actress Headshot Session

May 10, 2016

Bevin and I met in high school through the drama program. My theatre days ended when I graduated, but Bevin has continued on! Bevin has an incredible sense of humor and such a great personality. She’s so much fun to be around! We always talked in high school about how she’d be perfect on Saturday Night Live and it would be so great to see that come true for her! Bevin needed some updated headshots and I was so excited that she asked me to do them for her. She had previously had some less than desirable experiences getting headshots and never really loved them, so this time she decided to breakout of the photo studio and have them done outside! The weather was awesome, her hair and make up were on point, and she wore a timeless outfit that won’t look outdated any time soon!

Enjoy taking a peek of Bevin’s updated headshots and send her best wishes that we’ll be seeing her on TV one day!


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