Faye Daniel Designs Jewelry and Accessories Feature

Hi there! How’s your Friday going? Today we’re doing something a little different on the blog. As a creative business owner myself, I love to feature other creatives. That's why I'm so happy to be able to introduce you lovely blog readers to Faye Daniel Designs!

Specializing in bridal jewelry, Faye Daniel Designs creates jewelry for brides who want unique pieces to express their unique taste and passionate love. They design timeless contemporary pieces, beautiful today and for generations to come.

Faye Daniel designs custom jewelry for brides on their wedding day. They actually invite brides into their design space to explore their collections and craft the perfect piece for them! They work with 10 different metal types, and they can either design something utterly unique for you or work with heirlooms in order to set off their beauty to full effect!

I personally had Randie, head designer for Faye Daniels, make my jewelry for my own wedding! It made my day so much more special, and I even had a few gifts made. Now, working with the Be More Inspired collective, I can’t help but pick something up every time I swing by!

One of their brides has this to say: “Randie McConnell of Faye Daniel Designs, an absolute genius of her craft in jewelry and accessories design. It was pretty amazing; she totally got me right away. She was very perceptive, recognizing that I didn’t fully know what I even wanted. She designed perfect items for me, including a stunning headpiece and gorgeous earrings.”

Faye Daniel Designs is part of the Be More Inspired bridal collective, a premier collective in Maryland to conjure up a bride’s wedding vision with a boutique feel and sublime service. Brides can find everything they need for their special day, from wedding dresses, bridal party attire, bridal accessories, wedding planners to your flowers, honeymoon, wedding invitations, hair, makeup, photographers, and more!

This collective is unique in Maryland and offers the best in the bridal business. Yours truly is one of their partners! I’ve worked with Be More Inspired both as a photographer and a bride.

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing some of these lovely pieces from Faye Daniels. Check it out below!

Be More Inspired-Be More Inspired-0004.jpg
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