I know that we all think about spring cleaning and January new year’s resolutions, but fall is is a fantastic time to get organized! It’s like spring cleaning, but in fall. Think about how much easier it would be to spring clean if you did a mini-fall organize. This is your moment to really shine! Let me tell you why:

The Kids Are Back in School

After the long lazy summer days where everyone lives on top of each other, and most of the moments are devoted to fun, fall brings with it a little bit of routine. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a moment to yourself to get the house in order and create a schedule. This is definitely the moment to pull out that calendar that follows the school year and mark down when everyone has soccer practice and basketball practice and piano lessons and ninja warrior practice, in our case.

Fresh Mckenzie 2018 Fall-Fresh Mckenzie 2018 Fall-0006.jpg

The Holidays are Coming

The holidays are crazy to say the least. Parties, food, relatives, conversations with Santa for the kiddos, gifts for everybody, the list goes on! That makes it a little bit difficult to organize at the same time. January is also a great time to organize, and if you’re super on top of it, do ‘em both! I wish I was as awesome as you. To me, this brief window of time where the leaves change and the season transitions is a great time to reset for the coming holiday season!

Some Things I (Try) to Organize Every Fall

For me personally, I think fall is a great time to take a breath before the Christmas craziness. I try and wash the winter bedding before the cold days set in and clear out space somewhere for all the school paperwork that’s going to start accumulating. That way it doesn’t end up all over the place and the only assignment that can’t be found is the one that’s due today!

I hope you use these fall days before the holidays to organize a little bit of your space. I know I always feel a little bit better when something is organized, even if it never stays that way for very long!