A teaspoon of preparation beats a pound of scrambling. Or something like that! It’s so easy for life to get out of control. Everyone is busy, the house needs cleaned, the dog needs walked and weren’t we all supposed to get eight and a half hours of sleep every night? Talk about a lot!

Luckily, a little bit of planning on Sunday sets me up for a productive week, and gives you more “you time!”

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1. Meal plan and meal prep

Not only does meal planning save time throughout the week, it saves money too! Take a look in the fridge Monday morning so you know what you already have and go from there. I love meal prepping because it allows so much more time for creativity in the week! Once you know what you have, make a plan for everyone’s lunch and dinner during the week. Even breakfast if you feel up to it!

Use what you have and make a list of what’s missing. That way you can go to the store with a plan. Bonus points if you meal prep Sunday too. It can feel overwhelming to make five packed lunches (multiplied by however many people in your family!) but even separating celery sticks and carrots into snack baggies can make Monday morning go a little more smoothly!

2. Make a done list

We all know  how quickly your to-do list turns into your to-do-all-the-things list that seems to never end! It’s so important for me to balance the pressures of what’s coming with feeling awesome about what you’ve already accomplished.  Instead of constantly stressing about what you still have to do, say “you’re a #bossbabe who got all of this done already this week!” Make a list of things you’ve already done so you remember to be proud of yourself and stay grounded. By making a done list, you can see all the crazy-cool things, and the not-so-crazy-cool things that you’ve done. And yeah, “kept everyone, including all pets, alive” is totally an accomplishment! Put it on there!

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3. Make a to-do list

After you have your done list, start your to-do list. Remember that you can do it! Brain dump all the things that have to get done this week, from the urgent to the things you can hold off on for now. Putting it all on paper can help make a calmer mental space. After you have your list, prioritize. What’s on there that somebody else can do? What’s on there that’s been around so long it either needs to get done right now or not at all? What are the things that I’m most likely to do to avoid something more important?

Once you have your prioritized list (that’s still something you can do in a week!), check your priorities per day. That way, when you get to the end of the week, you can shift your to do list to your totally-done list!

4. Coordinate your calendar

Just looking at a calendar Sunday evening is exhausting. But knowing what’s happening in the week is useful. It gives a sense of what’s going on. You’re going to go one step further and be totally on top of things by coordinating your calendar. On Sunday night, look at all the events that are happening that week, and decide who’s going to be where when. Who’s in charge of pick up and drop off? Who needs to bring what where? Now is the perfect time to find out you need to bring 24 cupcakes for parent-teacher night, not the night before!

5. Reflect on the week

This past week was crazy busy. Next week will probably be busy too. The beginning of a new week is the perfect moment to reflect on the good that happened and the little bits of sunshine in all the chaos. You know what they say - the days are long, but the years are short. Set yourself up to not only be productive, but enjoy your life and the week ahead!