‘Tis the season of holiday cards! I love taking family holiday photos around this time of year, and today I’m sharing some holiday card ideas that I think are a little bit different. Make your Christmas cards really stand out this year!

Ornament Cards

Give your loved ones something they can hang on their Christmas tree instead of on the fridge with all the others. After all, you spent a lot of time on these holiday cards. Hanging them on the tree makes them a little extra special.

This is the perfect thing for grandparents, who will want to hang Christmas cards throughout all the years. Think of how fun it would be to make this a tradition, so that you have photos of the kiddos from toddler-hood to college!

Workman Family 2018-Workman Family 2018-0008.jpg

Check out my Workman family Christmas photos for some traditional-plaid inspiration for your own holiday cards!

Christmas Postcards

Eat less envelope glue this year! Postcards are so fun; they remind me of travels and they have a very relaxed vibe. Use a summer vacation photo of the whole family to contribute to the laid-back vibes, and transport all of your family and friends to a warmer place, only if just for a moment and just in their mind!

Postcards are also easy if you don’t have enough time to write an entire Christmas letter update this year. Scribble a few heartfelt sentences on the back for a holiday card that feels personalized, but doesn’t take up your entire day!

Valentine’s Day Cards

Okay, so hear me out. Everybody is busy at Christmas right? Life is crazy and sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to pull everyone together for Christmas cards. Here’s a great way to release the “didn’t get the Christmas cards done” guilt. Aim instead for Valentines day!

Valentine's day is a totally unexpected day to send cards, and it’s perfect because the Christmas craziness is over, and now everyone is just waiting for winter to be done. Sending out a Valentine’s card will give everyone in your life a little extra holiday cheer right at the end of the season!

Have You Planned Your Christmas Card?

I hope everyone out there has a plan for their Christmas cards, or even better, have their cards done already! I know that I always fall behind on these things - there never seems to be enough time in the day. But I’m sending best wishes out to all of you! I’ve finally gotten mine designed- let's see how long it actually takes me to get them sent out! There’s a reason “Merry Christmas” isn’t my greeting of choice- that sucks me in to a pretty finite deadline! Ha!